SPD Workflow Premature Initiation

While knocking up a document review process using a document library, a custom content type and SharePoint Designer workflows, I noticed that my main workflow, which is initiated by a new item, was kicking off after I had uploaded a document but before I had completed the associated content type columns. This is what my content type “form” looked like at this point:

You’ll notice that the Deliverable Status field is a Required Field and it has a default value of ‘In Progress’. I was almost there but not quite- I had to modify the content type to remove the default value like so:

This forced SharePoint to wait for a value to be selected before officially creating the new item. After this change my workflow was initiating right on time.

So, the main points to remember here if you are having this problem are:

1) One of the fields in the content type must be a Required Field

2) This Required Field should NOT have a default value so a user input is required 



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