InfoPath – Create Dynamic Link to Form

When working with an InfoPath form which you are submitting to a form library its sometimes handy to submit the form via email too; either to the person who has completed the form (as a sort or receipt) or to another party who need to action the new form submission. I found it useful to include in the subject line of this email, a dynamically constructed link to the newly submitted form’s DispForm.aspx page. This provides ‘one click’ access to the form properties and the form itself.

To do this, first create a data connection which receives data from the submission form library. The connection should return the ID value of the library.

Next, setup you email submission data connection. In the subject line, create a concat function that concatenates the submission form library displayform.aspx path and the Max(ID) value from the GetID data connection e.g. “http://servername/sitepath/library/forms/dispform.aspx?ID=” + Max(@ID)

Finally, configure your Submit Options. Ensure the data connections are called in the correct order so that the form is submitted to the library first, then the ID is retrieved, then finally the form is submitted via email.


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