Are You Sure You Want to Approve this Item?

If Content Approval is serious business in your business and you want to make sure Approvers are not just approving items willy nilly, without really thinking about it first, then consider adding a pop up control  to the approve.aspx page. The control will use the SharePoint object model to examine the item being approved and give the Approver a friendly warning if the item doesn’t satisfy your requirements.

So the control would look something like this:

Then is just a matter of declaring and adding the control to the approve.aspx page and adding the OnClientClick=”if(!CheckApprovalRequirements()){return false;}” statement to the BtnSubmit button.

Be aware that this will then apply to all approvals in the farm so if you only want it to apply to a particular list, consider adding a a ‘checkSource’ method that would check the source list name against a control attribute e.g.  <CC:PopUpcontrol id=”ctlPUControl” ActivateOnList=”Simple List” runat=”server”>


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