Welcome Display Name is Incorrect (Re-synchronise with AD)

 I imagine it is hard enough adjusting to being newly married; now you have to refer to your partner as your “husband” or “wife”, remember to add the hyphen in you surname or replace your maiden name with the married equivalent- without SharePoint adding to the complication. If SharePoint refuses to be happy for you and refer to you by your new name despite the details being updated and correct in Active Directory then here is how you politely inform him (SharePoint is obviously male) of his mistake:

1)      Ensure user profile imports are running frequently and picking up the new details in AD. If the details in the user profile are correct it doesn’t mean that they have been replicated to the User Information Lists or the User Settings. You should not need to delete the profile but if the changes are not visible after an import then do delete the profile and re-import it.



2)      Open Central Admin -> Operations -> Timer Job Definitions and observe the schedule and last run time of the Profile Synchronization and Quick Profile Synchronization timer jobs. These guys synchronize the new user info across all site user information lists. By default they are scheduled to run hourly and therefore should already be handling this issue for you but for some reason, sometimes, they just don’t.


3)      Ensure the profile in question is “active” in all site collections. SharePoint’s definition of active requires a user to interact with a site, not just visit the site. I suggest giving the user temporary access to a document library and having them upload a document. This is quite often the reason why user details aren’t fully replicated to the Welcome control or user references – users have read only access and therefore are not flagged as active by SharePoint.


4)      Now you have two options, you can either sit and wait for the sync timer jobs to run on schedule OR you can change their schedule times to kick them off sooner. Executing the stsadm –o sync command will only kick-off the Profile Synchronization timer job but we also want the Quick Profile Synchronization job to run now so I would recommend the rescheduling:

Stsadm –o sync synctiming m:5

Stsadm –o sync sweeptiming m:5

Be aware that the results might take some time after the jobs have been initiated. The amount of time will depend on the number of user profiles. Be sure to reschedule the jobs when complete.


5)      Have the user check their Welcome name again and locate the document they uploaded to become active. The associated display name should now be updated to match AD and the new user profile details.

So this has worked for me and hopefully it works for you. I think the key here is to ensure the user is active. You can verify this by examining the site collection UserInfo table tp_IsActive value. If after all this you still can’t get the user info replicated, have a look at this CodePlex project: http://www.codeplex.com/UserProfileSync


9 thoughts on “Welcome Display Name is Incorrect (Re-synchronise with AD)

    • Sorry for the delay in response,
      I can’t say I’m very familiar with WSS but I do know that although it doesn’t have user profiles per say WSS does have a “cut down” version (User Info List).
      I would suggest accessing the relevant user in the User Information List and updating the information there. This then needs to be propagated to all site collections so I would imagine the mentioned timer jobs (or at least one of them) would be running in WSS. Have you tried executing the stsadm commands to see if they are scheduled and run?
      Alternatively you could go the code route and write your own job to propagate a profile change e.g:
      SPList userProfileList = web.Lists[“User Information List”];

      foreach (SPListItem user in userProfileList.Items)


  1. Hi,

    I am making changes in User Profile in Ad through 3rd party application.
    Suppose I am changing My Titile from “Team Lead” to “Associate Manager” The tilte is geeting change in AD But its not reflecting in Sharepoint user profile.
    Can you please suggest.

    Sumit P.

    • Hi, I probably need a bit more info than that to help:
      a) Are you using WSS or MOSS?
      b) if MOSS, have you scheduled or executed uer profile imports in your SSP?
      c) have you identified and executed the timer jobs I describe in this post?

  2. I have the same Problem as Sumit Purothi

    Also I managed Permissions via AD Groups and when a User is removed from them, he still has access to the Website….

    Any Chance doing this in WSS?

    stsadm -sync is also not available in WSS

    Would be great if you could help me out

  3. Hi, thanks for your post.
    I have a similar issue, but I cannot fix it. I have checked the timer jobs, they have been executed with suscess every hour.
    I retreive the user name from Central Admin – View User Profiles and it is correct. But then, the user name displayed in the “Welcome” message is not correct (still the old one). What do you suggest to do?

  4. Hi,
    I have tried everything as per your artilce but still cannot see the changes to users new name, i can still see the old name when i open user information list, we have a moss 2007 setup and user properties were changed in AD, i deleted all profiles and did a new import, also changed the profile sync jobs as per your blog but no luck, any idea? i also opened the sql table userinfo which showed old data so i manually modified it but sill no luck, can you help me so that i can get the new user name?

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