AssetPortalBrowser Error: List does not Exist

You may be coming across this error when trying to browse to a SharePoint site resource such as an image, list or library. In my case it was caused by adding a new link to a site navigation structure and browsing for a resource to populate the URL field.  The issue is related to the Office SharePoint Server Publishing feature and the entities created or “connected” on activation. When the publishing feature is activated in a site, among other changes, a document library called Documents is created. This document library URL then becomes the starting point for the AssetPortalBrowser. The URL: sitename/Documents/forms/allitems.aspx must point to a document library in the publishing site although the library can have a different name.

SharePoint thinks he has avoided any issue here by removing the option to delete this library BUT there is a chink in the armor. If a document library called Documents is created while publishing is not activated in the site, when it is eventually activated, SharePoint does not bother creating the Documents library because it already exists. The problem is that now, because the user created the library, they have the option to delete it.

Renaming the library shouldn’t cause the error because the browser is looking up the library based on the URL but if the library is deleted then there is no way or avoiding the error. Unfortunately recreating the Documents library once it is deleted will not fix the problem. I have also come across a case in which the Documents library has not been deleted but has somehow loss it’s “connection” with the AssetPortalBrowser. In either circumstance, the solution is the same; deactivate the Office SharePoint Server Publishing feature and then reactivate it again. Make sure, before you do this, you backup the site. You shouldn’t lose any data or functionality by doing this but I advise you to do this at your own risk.

This issue also relates to the AssetImagePicker page but in that case the library causing the issue is the Images library which is located at sitename/PublishingImages/Forms/AllItems.aspx. You can basically debug this issue by repeating the error-causing action in a new site that works correctly and seeing where the “Asset Browser” starting point is.





4 thoughts on “AssetPortalBrowser Error: List does not Exist

  1. Oh thank the Lord for this post. This has been driving me crazy. No idea how our “Documents” disappeared, but that was the issue.

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