Hiding Workflow Tasks from non-Approvers

Why SharePoint does not treat workflow tasks like any item requiring content approval I just don’t know. If a page, item or document is hidden from non-approvers (until approved) then why would the task requesting the approval be visible to all? There are of course “options” to control who can read and edit workflow tasks but I haven’t found a suitable setting to allow members of an Approval group access to read and edit tasks while ensuring that general user mind their own business.  

So when I had to put together a site collection-wide My Tasks web part (No Code Allowed- only CQWP config) that displayed all tasks and workflow tasks assigned to a user (including tasks assigned to groups that the user is a member of) I was scratching my head. I used an extended CQWP to display all task content types across the whole site collection where assigned to = [Me] but then this excluded tasks that were assigned to groups containing [Me]. There just isn’t a reusable My Groups filter available in this case.

So what I ended up doing was configuring 2 CQWPs: 1 to display Tasks assigned to [Me] and the other to display items of the Office SharePoint Server Workflow Task content type. I then turned content approval on on the site Workflow Tasks lists and hid the Moderation status from the allitems view. Now, when SharePoint creates a new workflow tasks i.e. a publishing page approval task, it is automatically added to the list in a pending state. The site’s Approver group members are therefore the only users that can see these ‘pending’ workflow tasks so they only display in those user’s My Tasks web part. Its not important whether the workflow task item is approved (in fact we want them to stay in the pending state) because this does not effect the actual page approval. The Approvers can edit the task and approve the page while the task item is pending. This is a pretty crazy convoluted way to make workflow tasks contextual to the current user but it seems to work.


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