Can’t Find Office Server Search Service? Reinstall SharePoint

If so its probably because of the server role you chose during the SharePoint install. The options are:


If you choose the WFE option you cannot start the Office Server Search service on the server. This seems silly to me as you need to start this service to allow the server to serve search queries which is a role I would usually attribute to a WFE. Its very deceptive.

 This is a major pain to remedy because there is not a “change installation” option for SharePoint, the only way to get the service running on your server is to uninstall and re-install SharePoint. This has caused many folks all kinds of issues so it is important to do it just right. Here is how I have successfully done it in the past:

1) Remove the Server from the Farm through Central Admin -> Operations -> Servers in Farm

2) Uninstall SharePoint using control panel

3) Reboot the machine

4) Install SharePoint (don’t forget to chose the Complete option this time)

5) If the farm you are going to be adding the server into has updates (e.g. Infrastructure Update) or hot fixes applied, cancel the Configuration Wizard and install these updates first. After all updates have been installed (to check look at updates in Control panel on servers and compare) run the configuration wizard.

6)Add the server to the existing farm

The configuration wizard SHOULD complete successfully and you can then go into Central Admin and configure the services for that server. There are many quirks that seem to cause the wizard to fail. One I came across was that the the web.config file under the layouts directory was missing. If the wizard fails, go to the Logs directory in the hive and examine the latest log file. If you search for the word exception you should find the problem.

Check that the server was added to the farm and that all services are available to start. If you Web Application Service is hanging in Starting.. Something has gone horribly wrong. I suggest re-running the config wizard, choosing to remove the server from  the farm in the wizard and then double checking all your updates have been applied before re-running the wizard. If you still can’t get the wizard to complete successfully try executing

psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b –wait –force

on the server and a server reboot is always a good last resort too.


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