Can’t Set PeopleEditor.CommaSeparatedAccounts

This is quirky but I believe I have figured it out: The other day I was trying to set a PeopleEditor’s CommaSeparatedAccounts attribute but it would not take my string. I debugged the code and actually witnessed with my own eyes the assignment of the new user string but then when I checked the attribute value it was still String.Empty(“”). So I had a hunch, tried this and it finally it took my username string and it darn well liked it:

bool isVisible = peUser.Visible;
                                    peUser.Visible = true;
                                    peUser.CommaSeparatedAccounts = ddlUserMatrixSelector.SelectedValue;
                                    peApprover.Visible = isVisible;

The moral of the story is control.visible must be true to set this attribute.


One thought on “Can’t Set PeopleEditor.CommaSeparatedAccounts

  1. Ah! You saved me! In my case the solution was a little more complicated. In my code I have a list of PeopleEditors inside a repeater. While the PeopleEditors were set to visible, the repeater was invisible during the databind. This prevented the PeopleEditor from accepting the CommaSeperatedAccounts. Now I have the repeater visible before the databind and all is working! Thanks! -Chaz

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