Using a CQWP to display tasks assigned to me and my groups

The other day I came across a great lil post that described how to export the User Tasks web part and add a tag to to the properties so it would return tasks from anywhere in the site collection- not just the current site. That is pretty neat and certainly handy BUT it would be even cooler if the dang web part displayed tasks that were not only assigned to you but also to your groups. Why wouldn’t I be interested in my group tasks for cripes sake?

So I got to playing around with the CQWP and have finally cracked it. With the help of some other bloggers, I put all the pieces together and came up with the property value you want to paste into your exported CQWP to acheieve this goal. So here it is: 

QueryOverride Tag
QueryOverride Tag
Find the QueryOverride tag and delete it, then paste in this guy above. Save and then import the web part. Some folks reported an issue where the web part was not displaying when NOT in edit mode and the trick to sort that one out, is finding the  UseCache property and set it to False.

Hope that all works for you!


2 thoughts on “Using a CQWP to display tasks assigned to me and my groups

  1. I am have this exact issue in SharePoint 2013 that I cannot apply filter on User Groups in CQWP. After searching a lot finally I found your blog which looks like is the only solution on internet. I added the code you have given above in my CQWP but it is not displaying any data in EDIT or any other mode.
    My user group name is “Approvers” so I wanted to know where in code shall I define this name because I think it is because of this it is not displaying any data.

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