String Functions in SPD 2010… NOT!

So I had a few frustrations with the lack of string manipulation functions/activities in SharePoint Designer 2010. To put it bluntly, trying simply, to get the workflow item (document) library URL was like going to Ikea for for a loaf of bread. It was time consuming, confusing and most importantly fuitless. You can not do it! Well, you can’t do it using the workflow activities. The available string functions are laughable and so far as I can see, pretty useless. Anyway, enough digging at SPD and more soltuions please-

I ended up creating a custom HTML and JS page that I stored in the Site Assets library of my site collection. In my task email I added a link to point to this page and also passed it some workflow variables in the form of  querystring parameters. Ultimately I passed in the item ID and the URL of the item/document. My custom page did the string manipulation and redirction to the resulting URL- which in fact was just a view on the document library. The view just displayed all documents under this workflow. After I got this working nicely I ended up adding another link in the email to actually open the document properties page. This was useful as actioning the task meant downloading and then deleting the document. The properties page is the best place for doing this really. If anyone is interested I can post my custom page source and the link setup for the worklfow email. Works well


2 thoughts on “String Functions in SPD 2010… NOT!

  1. This sounds interesting. Having a similar problem (in MOSS 2007) workflow. Would be interested in the source as we are moving to 2010 soon 🙂

    • Hi Daniel, apologies for the very late response. I’m happy to email you the source if you like. Nothing fancy, just some standard JavaScript string functions.

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