Page Not Found When Accessing Library Link

You know when you are training someone up in SharePoint (for a support role) and you are thinking- ‘this one is going to be trouble’. Well, that happened to me and my project team recently. With one person in particular there was a language barrier, a geographic barrier and to be honest, an attitude barrier as well. She didn’t fail to disappoint anyway. On day one she managed to create a number of new document libraries in a live site, purely for her own amusement and practice, and then she broke one bad enough that my team couldn’t find it to delete it. When I clicked the link to the library on the Quick Launch menu I received a “Page not found”. So I  navigated to the View all site content menu and clicked the library. This came up with a blank SharePoint page. I deduced that the blank page was where the library used to be; our SharePoint support star had just deleted the library web part on that page. All I did was edit the page, add the library web part back and then access the library settings to finally delete the pesky “Training for Me” library.


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