Exporting a List Web Part – Made Easy

So as you already know, list web parts are not exportable via the UI menus. That option is inconveniently missing. There are a few ways however, to get around this but the option I will describe here does NOT require SharePoint designer. Now, now, quiet down with the cheering and the celebration and follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the list you want to export as a web part and Edit the page
  2. Open your browser’s Dev Tools and search the HTML for MSOMenu_Export
  3. If you examine the attributes of this menu item, you should see the onmenuclick Javascript. Copy the Javascript call
  4. In your list page, open the list web part menu (as if you were going to delete/minimise/export it). This is very important.
  5. Paste the Javascript into the browser URL bar and hit enter
  6. Now you are prompted to Save or Open the .webpart file and voila!

4 thoughts on “Exporting a List Web Part – Made Easy

  1. When you copy the javascript call, do you also copy the “javascript:” part or just from “MSO….” ?
    Also, when you paste the code into the URL bar, do you replace the whole thing or append it to the URL that’s already there?

    • Hi Devon, sorry for the late reply. You would copy from javascript: and only include the JavaScript Method (not the end tags).
      You would replace the whole URL but you might find that an issue in most browsers these days. IE 11 for example won’t allow you to paste in a javascript: call for security reasons.
      Depends what browser you are using. There may be work arounds…

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