MIM 2016 Issues and Essentials

Ok, so recently I have been configuring the SharePoint 2016 connector with Microsoft Identity Manager 2016. MIM replaces FIM 2010 R2 for SharePoint profile synchronisation with AD and/or other providers (it also does a bunch of other stuff but I’m focusing on Sync only here). In SharePoint 2016, you can still your the embedded AD sync function if you like, but remember that is uni-directional (pull from AD) only. In my case, I need to push some properties set in the SP profiles into AD as well.
To save you some time, here are some tips for getting MIM syncing SharePoint profiles:

Use the PnP provided toolkit BUT make an update to the ps module file. You need to update lines 81 and 82. And don’t forget to reload the module after making the changes.

if ($MimPowerShellModuleAssembly.VersionInfo.ProductMajorPart -eq 4 -and
$MimPowerShellModuleAssembly.VersionInfo.ProductMinorPart -eq 4 -and
$MimPowerShellModuleAssembly.VersionInfo.ProductBuildPart -ge 1237)
Write-Verbose “Sufficient MIM PowerShell version detected (>= 4.4.1237): $($MimPowerShellModuleAssembly.VersionInfo.ProductVersion)”

This is a pretty good blog to follow for setting up the whole process:

Now, if for any reason the hookup fails (using these tools), you need to get a fresh copy of the ADMA files (XML) before re-running. Else you are going to get errors like: The property ‘name’ cannot be found on this object. Verify that the property exists and can be set.

This is a good post that explains it: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/33816.error-during-the-installation-of-sharepoint-server-configuration-file-user-profile-service-mim.aspx

Make sure you understand the basics about MIM before you begin, namely what the Metaverse and Connector Spaces refers to and the difference between Import, Sync and Export.


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