I am from Perth, Western Australia and have been working with SharePoint since mid 2007. There have been times throughout my career, when I have moved away from SharePoint to focus on other technologies, but I’ve always returned.  I liken my relationship with SharePoint to that of a captor and hostage with a severe case of Stockholm syndrome. The door is unlocked but I’m not going anywhere…

Today, I am mostly busy with SharePoint Architecture and technical team lead roles. I’ve been recently reinvigorated by the SharePoint 2013 app model and hope to fit some app dev in as well.

An interesting fact– on the side, I write fiction. My first novel Ruthless was published in February 2014 and the sequel, Heartless in January 2015.

Between this technical blog and my Author blog, I really enjoy connecting with my readers. Please  don’t hesitate to drop me a comment to say Hi, ask a question or teach me a thing or two.

I am so grateful for the help and support I have found in blogs throughout my career. I hope I can contribute to others in the same way.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mossip Queen,
    I am really struggling to get an image with multiple links onto a page in SharePoint 2007 Moss environment using SharePoint Designer. I have tried to use the Tools, Pictures, Hotspot feature that is there but doesn’t seem to want to work.
    Any tips?
    Sincerely, Carol

    • Hi Carol, have you solved this yet? I just need a little more information. Do you mean you want to embed an image that you can click different parts of so you will be directed to different links?

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